1. v. To crush or flatten to the point where the object crushed has its fluids splattered about.
2. n. The sound of something getting squished. The sound is usually wet.
3. n. In the old Nickelodeon cartoon "Aaah, Real Monsters!", a squish was when a monster mildly liked another monster. Their form of a crush.
1. I saw a bug crawling on the table and squished it.
2. When I stepped on a grape in the supermarket, it went "squish".
3. In one episode of "Aaah, Real Monsters", Ickis thought that Oblina had a squish on him.
by some punk kid May 01, 2005
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The type of hug with a long and close embrace which is always comforting. There are many variants on the normal squish, such as:
rugby squish: rugby tackle like with a run up leading to a squish
spinning squish: while squishing, one person is picked up and span around
suprise squish: where the recipient of the squish is snook up on then given a squish
behind squish: like a regular squish but where both the squishers are facing the same direction
tickle squish: where one person in the squish is being tickled
Laura was feeling a bit down so to help she had a squish from Toby
by Holy Mango April 02, 2007
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A squish is a very cute/adorable person that makes you happy.
Boy: *says something cute*
Girl: β€œOh my God, you’re such a squish!”
by floggyscripts April 11, 2019
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A cute term for female masturbation, relating to the sound of busy fingers in and around the pussy, and also to the potentially squirting wetness derived from a really good session of self love. The more feminine term for fapping.
Boys fap, girls squish.
by SparklyBear September 21, 2010
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