An imperfection, either cosmetic or functional. Deformities are basically birth defects.
My cousin has a deformity. He must be retarded.
by Wills0 June 20, 2009
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Someone whos name is crystal looks like a duck talks alot of shit about other ppl but clearly has never looked in the mirrior has the weirdest shaped body u will ever see
Hey is that deformed no thats crystal😉😌
by Tmv hoes November 22, 2018
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a word used lightly to describe someone who is acting retarded or like they are deformed in some way.
sarah- acts like a spastic
bob- "hahahahahaha, you deformative!"
by noodlenose August 5, 2005
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1. Being born with a severe birth defect, such as no arms or a mental retardation.
2. Not normal, strange.
1. Mr. and Mrs. Jack were so disappionted when they heard that their daughter Carol was deformed.
2. Dude, that band's music is so deformed!
by Anonymous July 8, 2003
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de·form·i·ty   dih-fawr-mi-tee  Show IPA
the quality or state of being deformed, disfigured, or misshapen.
2. Lucia Cap
Girl - "EW! did you see Lucia's face today?"
Boy - "yeahh she looks like that every day. she's such a deformity"
by Rosa Linda March 28, 2010
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Someone who is so fat they look like "shapes" instead of a person.
Ryan: Look at that fat bitch over there.

Joel: Oh God! That's gross how can you tell that's a person?
Cub: I'm going to be sick!!!

Joel: What a deformed ham!

Fenno: I'd still hit that.
by Allinghammer September 27, 2014
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In anime and manga, when a character is drawn cartoonishly short, about 3 heads high and has deexagerated limbs (i.e. having mitt-like hands, or long stubs for arms). Characters are often shown super-deformed when characters get in comical situations. Often used interexchangibly with chibi, though technically, they're twoi separate, yet similar things.
by Danny Sotelo May 5, 2003
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