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A small country to the west of Canada. Newfoundland (& Labrador) where owned by the British up in till 1901/9. The Newfoundland Regiment fought in both World wars and suffered a horrible defeat many times over. Newfoundlands are said to be the kindest people in the world (or North America) and are apparently the most sexuality active. They have 2 dogs named after them, the famous Labrador Retriever and Newfoundland Dog, along with the rare Newfoundland Pony. Newfoundlands are sometimes refereed too as Newfies and have their own dialect of French, English and Irish. Population of 509,739 as of July 2012. One of the most defined aspects of Newfoundland are that a huge percent of the population is of direct English-French blood, which often cause strife in parts of Canada, Europe and America, but is of common here. They also have their own mineral called Labradorite that is commonly seek after for it's look.
- Have you heard of the rock?
- You mean Newfoundland & Labrador? Yes
by Alexpark December 25, 2010
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