the extra skin on you tummy,thighs, and arms.

if you poke it you finger should sink into the squish!!haha
person 1: poke poke, whats that??

person 2: ohh thats my squish
by justicesfriend January 04, 2010
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-Soft, squishy, chubby skin on a person's body.
-Wow, you have a lot of squish.
by dfjhkas8 December 24, 2008
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The adductor pollicis muscle in the hand. Located between the index finger and thumb on Peters hand.
Peter has a rather irresistible squish!
by jarndt May 16, 2008
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They found an abnormality on my squish, so they want me to get an ultrasound.
by SPQR October 29, 2006
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something that might lead up to smushing, but in particularly, oral sex
Sarah totally squished me before my big soccer game
by margarfurious May 22, 2011
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