To fuck, bop, screw, bang, etc. but it is more-often-than-not used as a noun.
Never do the squelchy with a man in socks.
by itgirlragdoll October 14, 2005
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Wanna do the squelchy?
by porndexter October 25, 2003
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A person who lives in a damp region such as a bogland or swampy area. This refers to the noise their feet make when they walk. Predominanly found in Northern Ireland around the South Eastern shores of Lough Neagh in the Gawley's Gate locality.
That fellow might live in the town now and be relatively civilised, but he was once a bog trotting can tell from the wellington boots and dungarees tucked inside.
by ShinySteve December 5, 2009
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Soft and wet/damp.
Usually applied to wet ground or a female's private area.
I put my foot in it and it was all squelchy!
Her pussy is nice and squelchy!
by thegul October 5, 2005
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is to have intercorse, or gettin down.
we had squelchy together last night, ahhhhhh yeaaaaah!
by JokerCreu November 9, 2006
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An Extremely Moist Vagina - When a vagina becomes very moist that when being penetrated with objects or part of the anatomy its makes a noise that sounds like 'SQUELCH'

It is most Capital!
Ben: Hey, u have fun last night?
Jack: Yeh, sure did like
Ben: Does Jesmond have a squelchy?
Jack: Awwwww Yeahhhhhhhh!
by Jack.. ; ) December 31, 2007
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