5 definitions by idkwhyiwrotethese

Nit in this specific case means “not lit”, or not cool.
Ugh! Susan that is totally nit.
by idkwhyiwrotethese December 08, 2019
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The ultimate petty comeback of all time. It can be used in any situation- ever. No matter where you are, like the middle of class, while being stabbed by prison shanks, or in a back alley Knife fight.
Anyone- “You’re annoying
Ethan- “No you”
everyone around- *dies*
by idkwhyiwrotethese May 10, 2019
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A Redneck Wedding is a wedding that will typically happen in a backyard, or trailer park. You typically dress casually and BYOB. It’s the type of wedding you can sit back and relax, or play dizzybat.
Emma and Nathan are holding a redneck wedding!
by idkwhyiwrotethese July 31, 2018
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