When two guys walk past in close quarters and their penises touch.
Eww dude i just had to squash beef with the fat guy on the train.
by Loon69 August 16, 2017
To get rid of any past beef or drama that went down between two people and to get onto good terms with, typically used between an ex-SO
I saw my ex last night and we squashed beef so we are cool now.
by Qweens4life April 25, 2018
to remedy a situation by issuing an apology and/or beating someones ass
Dude, squash the beef and apologize

Nick would like to squash the beef by throwing fists
by Grinny July 21, 2006
The suppression of certain temporary aggravations between acquaintances.

The phrase is a dependent clause, not a verb or a noun.
Beef squashed, let's go to the bar together.

I love you man, beef squashed.

by 4bobthekiller June 20, 2022
A squashing of you & another’s beef; making amends
I’m so glad Selena & Demi had their beef squash.

Are you gonna meet me for a beefsquash?
by theoneandonlydicktionary September 10, 2018