when you have a good relationship, but your not really going out. "friends with benefits" but not the sexual parts.
jane: did you hear about lauren and kris liking each other? too bad theyre not going out.

dean: oh well, they have good terms.
by liena December 13, 2008
1. to end a friendship mutually
2. to end a relationship mutually
3. to fuck and then become friends after being romantic
kody wants to fuck so we “end off on good terms”
by ikeinoeunknowm August 15, 2019
A big bitch not giving good reason as to why she is a cunt to people around her
Person 1: Did you hear about Elle and Max not on good terms?
Person 2: Yea, Elle is being quite the bitch with unreasonable points
Person 1: What a cunt
by Pussyboi42069 May 23, 2021
Something two people in a fight, or at war, are never on.
Those two are not going to be on good terms.
by The Original Agahnim June 1, 2021