Demi is the one girl you'll never get out of your head. Whether you love her or hate her. If you love her, you'll love her longer than you'll ever love any other girl. If you hate her, you living life wrong. You're lucky if you ever get a Demi, you'll be even luckier if she likes you back.
I love Demi, I wish she liked me back...
by LytShadow January 28, 2018
Demi is one of the beautiful girls i have met. She is caring, loving and kind who is really fun to be with. She is very smart who is very talented at lots of different things. She can we really shy at times but when you really get to know her she is the most loving person you will meet. She has quite a temper at times but when you listen and understand, everything is better. She is the best girl a man could ever ask for. She is the kind of girl to start a life and family with. She is Demi...

And I love Her to Pieces <3
by Your muddy horse <3 April 27, 2015
Demi is a beautiful gally. Who loves all. Even when the clouds are grey she brings sunshine to the world. Loving and often known for her ability of cheering up people, having a laugh and for her long hair. You cant live without a demi.
Everyone wants a demi as their bestfriend.
Boistrous yet carm and friendly girl, always there for you when you need her. Always up for a bit of bantaaa.

Girl 1: I'm so bored.
Girl 2: We need a demi!
by imzzy January 21, 2012
The most beautiful girl I know, she's just perfect, the best girl a man could ask for, once you love her and she loves you, it's forever.
by DaaaveID November 4, 2011
Very nice and sweet. She is a very nice girl and treats you with respect. She will always help you not matter what. She’s also THICC but the best part is her personality
Ahh shot is that a Demi?”
“ yea pretty fuckin mint
by Fuckin mint October 17, 2019
A great GIRL who most every one likes. She's funny, but people think she is blonde because she makes mistakes, but realy, she's super smart if you get to know her. All the guys like to talk to her, but half of the time she's oblivius, and doesnt notice that she is flurting. She's SUPER hot and she has almost too many friends. She talks in class and is blunt to everyone. Even though she can be a bitch she still deeply loved by everyone.
Guy A: "Dude you know Demi?"
Guy B: "Dude are you joking me everyone does"
Guy A: "Think I should ask her in a date?"
Guy B: "Too Late"
(Guy B walks towrds Demi)
by lovefrome October 27, 2011
A cool person. Someone popular for their personality and interests.
"Did you see him? He's so Demi!"
by H-MK-M March 14, 2008