The act of placing an index finger on top or beside the shaft of one's penis in order to please a woman with an abnormally large vagina; typically a necessary action while fornicating with a promiscuous woman.
"Man, you're gonna go after Tina? Having sex with her must be like throwing an hot dog down a hallway."

"That aint matta, I'll just splint her."
by James P. Masterson November 26, 2007
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puting a toothpick under someones big toe and makeing them kick a wall
"boy dont make me splint you"
by your mom is da bomb January 04, 2010
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A word for ridiculously good, amazing, reem, superb, decent etc
Mate, that holiday was Splint!

I know yeah, i had such a splint time
by chelkevcov August 14, 2012
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Assisting the body's pushing out poop/stool by inserting a finger in the vagina and pushing on the vaginal wall toward the rectum.
"Sometimes it is difficult to have a bowel movement without straining," the University of Michigan Health System write in their explanation of the process. "Perianal Pressure/Splinting is a way to help move the stool out of the anal canal."
by LightningBug February 20, 2021
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to take one in the ass so hard, you would think they need to wear splints to stand up straight from all that bending over he has been doing from guys riding him bareback.
Also the noun means a person who loves anal.
Chris sure is a splint.
Damn, Chris mustve been splintered last night.
by hankerchief69 February 08, 2011
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To be or to know someone cool. To be a non-splint is to eat candie more that once a day or to try and be black when your white.
Coolkid:"hey" non-coolkid:"hi guys" (snorts and pushes glasses up) coolkid:"splint"
non-coolkid:"O.M.G. splint
by usama November 03, 2006
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