We had a great fornicating session. She showed me her pussy and I just slammed that shit.
by Zo101 February 13, 2014
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consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other
by holly August 26, 2003
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1. To have sexual intercourse outside of marriage. Used in biblical times.

2. A less obscene way to say "fuck." Used often by Iron Mike Tyson.
1. Thou shalt not fornicate.

2. I never dreamed of fornicating with as many beautiful women as I did.

I want to talk nice to you and talk about fornicating with you and letting you suck my dick...

I may like fornicating more than other people. It's just who I am. I sacrificed so much of my life. Can I at least get laid? You know what I mean? I've been robbed of most of my money. Can I at least get a blowjob?

I normally don't do interviews with women unless I fornicate with them. So you shouldn't talk anymore. Unless you wanna, you know.
by Situation Hot July 7, 2017
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Fancy way of saying fucking. Before marriage.
A: "Excuse me, but but would you like to have fornication?"
B: "Um. Do you just wanna fuck?"
A: "Um. Yeah."
by K i A February 12, 2005
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Upper class fuckery, or more especially, a word designed to roll off the tongues of royalty....
"My dear Queen, whist the blacksmith fucks the maid, shall we retire to the royal fornication chamber?"
by CunningLinguist January 3, 2005
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Fucking in Shakespearian times.
Aye, Sally often took part in fornication with thee noblemen.
They lifted up her gowns and continued their way to enter what they saw. Sally picked one of the men to an act of utter pleasure, and when they so were done, they lighted up some exquisit tobacco and went on their ways.

And t'was good.
by MephistophelesIsDying March 15, 2007
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To have sex, but before marriage. If you are married, then it's just pain sex. If you are married, see fuck.
If you are religious, fornicating can be against one of your beliefs.
by Joey Blanchette May 17, 2005
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