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the finger that is mostly used, here are some uses for it.
1. Picking ur nose
2. used to point at someone
3. used to POKE someone cough cough sam lol.
4. to wave a no no to someone.
5. to mention someone to come near u
6. to itch a body part on ur body
7. used to scratch ur head when ur thinking
8. this finger is the one people usually bite on or chew on
9. to instruct a person or people
1. ew ur picking ur nose!
2. aw, your in trouble!
4. thats not a good thing to do, thats a no no
5. come here hot stuff...
6. u no, my nose really itchs
7. now, 1+1= hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
8. yum yum yum
by Chet and Josh November 02, 2004
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A finger yes a finger nothing else
What did you expect
This is my index finger
via giphy
by If fat mama February 25, 2017
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