To edit a post on r/the_donald. Replaced the word/button for "edit" after Reddit CEO, Spez, admitted to modifying users' posts on r/the_donald subreddit.
spez: yep mods changed the edit button to spez same day
by Saigun November 30, 2016
To edit a comment so that it favors your agenda leaving no trace because you are an internet troll.
However, someone may come along and spez the material to for example, hurt the cause.
by xptvnm November 29, 2016
sped and spaz an over-reactive person who is rather extremely hyper
Hey Tanya, stop being a spez.
by tanya3 May 19, 2006
To overreact to something minor or feeling angry/upset for no apparent reason.
Sam: I’m gonna have a spez if the McDonalds ice cream machine is broken again.
by stankbear December 26, 2022
Spez a person or persons that edit posts on forums to be a cuck
Person 1: lmao did you see what i posted on /r/The_Donald ?
Person 2: m8 i think someone did a Spez
Person 1: oh no did someone Spez me?
by kill_yourself_you_cunt November 29, 2016