A phrase used in response to anyone who is getting too excited about something.
"Mmmmm that's a sweet lookin chixx0r...." "Put that away!"
by foxhead local July 29, 2004
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To put something out of sight, Used North of the Dixie line
Tori! no cellphones in class! Put it away
by tellytubby313 March 22, 2010
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The act of wooing a woman which results in sexual intercourse, usually referring to a woman you have just met.
"I met up with Lucy last night she was gagging for it so i put her away!"
by Ian Lawlor January 19, 2007
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Too get your hair braided.
"yo you need to get that nappy afro put away"
by Puppet January 5, 2005
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when someone (usually a millennial) posts a pic/vidéo on social media, and their bare feet appear on it.
1- *post a photo of them with their bare feet appearing in the corner*

2- damn girl put the dogs away !!
by salometsr January 5, 2022
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Used When you think someone is acting too high and mighty, or when someone is doing something totally unnecessary.
Oh Man... Seriously? Put the Dick Away!,
President Bush...38 kilatons of bombs? Put the dick away.
by MEEPLE January 10, 2010
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