Apollo is a very deep person. He talks like he's writing poetry and it's beautiful. He is very charismatic. Apollo is loved by those close to him, and slightly misunderstood by others. He is an extremely caring person, and genuine too, he makes me feel like the most important person in the world. Apollo gives amazing hugs, and he has the best hair, no matter it's length or style, and his smile is one from the movies, when I see it my heart melts. He always makes me want to take a second look. Apollo is true beauty in it's rawest form and he gives me butterflies everyday.
"Apollo is the one I want to talk to when I'm having a bad day. That guy always knows what to say."
by hazy daizy March 22, 2018
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Apollo is the twin brother of Artemis.
Apollo is the Greek god of light, youth, healing, the arts, and the intellect. His shrine was that of the oracle of Delphi, in honor of his having killed the Python, a dragon.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ August 4, 2010
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Because the previous people got it wrong Apollo is a Greek God and his twin sister is Artemis and not Athena !!! The father is Zeus the biggest God of the 12 Gods of mount Olympus !! Apollo, the Sun god, brings life-giving heat and light to Earth.As patron god of musicians and poets Arts,sun and beauty, he carries a lyre and his symbol represents the “egg of creation”.
* One of the most important Olympian gods
* Apollo replaced the Titan Helios as the sun god; however, the Greeks didn’t delete Helios completely but referred to both of them as the Sun gods.
* The arrows of Apollo and Artemis invariably killed and the Greeks explained epidemics of diseases by supposing that they were shooting their arrows at people; and so, by praying to Apollo, the epidemic might be made to stop. In this way, Apollo became associated with the cure of diseases.
had a son, Asclepius who is better known under the Roman version of the name, Aesculapius
* He was a mortal medical healer who was so successful that he was reputed to have the ability to bring the dead back to life; which resulted in complaints by Hades. As a result, to keep peace in the godly family, Zeus killed him with a thunderbolt.
* The snake was a symbol of medicine and doctors and the Latin name for his constellation is Ophiuchus (oh fee YOO kuhs) which means “serpent-holder”.
He is considered the ideal of manly beauty, so that a very handsome man might be called an “Apollo”. He is also the god of poetry and music.
by wildflowergr February 3, 2010
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Apollo; someone you should keep very close to you. Apollo may be horny and a bit of a crackhead, but that doesn't mean he's a bad person. Quite the opposite effect. He's very charming with how loud and crackheaded he could be. He's very open with everyone, however he doesn't deal with serious situations very well and often will diffuse seriousness stuff with memes of funny quips, but finds himself regretting it afterwards. He's very loyal and very clingy, a great significant other for anyone; male or female. Apollo is a very cuddly male, gives the best hugs and kisses; affections in general. He loves to show everyone he loves them, platonically or not. Very, very sweet, but does have a bad side. Though an Apollo's fuse is very long. It takes a lot for him to get angry.
Person A; Wow. He's so sweet, such an Apollo!

Person B; Yeah, but he is kinda loud, don't you think?
by mrnagitokinnie November 10, 2019
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Apollo is the Greek god of the sun, light, healing, music, poetry, archery, and prophecy.
by BML0248 November 16, 2013
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The best Greek god there is, obviously. Especially if you've read trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan in which case good job.
Apollo is da best if u insult him I'll be mad at u
by The real deal 7125 February 11, 2017
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