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A sex position calling for the girl to sit on the guy as they ride over speed bumps. WARNING: DRIVE SLOWLY, IT MAY BECOME PAINFUL IF YOU DRIVE TO FAST.
Tommy: Hey are you going speed bumping tonight with your girlfriend?
Alec: Yeah...I'm still sore from last night though.
by Homie Cool March 13, 2010
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A variation of the bump and grind which results in accidental or "accidental" penetration...aka sex on a dance floor.
Joe: "So dude, how was the party last night?"

Dan: "Man, it was awesome, me and Kelly were grinding all night and then....we started speedbumping."

Joe: "No way man! Nice!"
by Yeskimo August 19, 2009
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When something that happens to slow down you're action. Similar to cock blocking, except that it pertains to everything, not just pussy. A speed bumper is your friend, but he likes to watch you have a hard time with what you do
My boy was speed bumping our good time by getting too drunk to drive and making us call a cab.
by BBlanc March 15, 2009
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