The act of applying toothpaste to a man's genitalia before engaging in oral sex.
I took sally back to my house and gave her a good spearminting,
by brownpenetrator97 August 11, 2018
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This refers to the phallic shaped blob of toothpaste squirted onto your toothbrush after the cap was left off and the toothpaste developed a crust.
i love to give my mouth a thorough spearmint dick in the mornings.

ahhhh that fresh feel.
by rapunzabel September 15, 2016
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When you are hitting her with the long strokes real good from behind and her booty hole is a winking and a puckering, you cover your thumb with a dollop of minty fresh toothpaste and poke her brown eye. Enjoy the clinch.
Man I gave Rachel the spearmint split last night. I kept on pounded and stroking. The minty fresh wafts were a blessing to the nostrils. But she was clamped down good onto my thumb the whole time.
by Dick Onchin May 12, 2020
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The act of one individual placing a strap-on dildo on his/her head, lubricating it with Dr. Bronner's all natural menthol spearmint soap, and proceeding to penetrate his/her partner's asshole. It is preferred for the "rhino" to penetrate at a full running charge. Technically speaking, this is a modified screwnicorn.
Ooooooo-weeeeeee! Damn that spearmint rhino was refreshing. It's like my asshole just brushed it's teeth.
by Wild Hog February 23, 2011
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When someone is chewing spearmint gum, is gumming on a spearmint mint, or has just brushed their teeth with spearmint toothpaste and is in close proximity to you. Secondhand spearmint refers to the disconnect between the deliciousness of said spearmint in the former party's mouth and the sickening smell the secondhand observer experiences.
"Aw dude, what's that smell?"
"Oh sorry bro, you want some gum?"
"Naw man, I just caught your secondhand spearmint. I lost my appetite."

"So why'd you dump her?"
"I went in for the kiss and all I could get was the secondhand spearmint. I can't even look at her the same anymore. We're over."
by colbert21 March 2, 2010
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