1. Nice
2. Cool
Man, that shit is mint.
by scott andrew November 24, 2003
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Expression used in The North Of England meaning good
Ah, thats well mint!
by jms November 1, 2002
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This word is used very often in the North East of England. Especially by teenagers on the streets and chavs. It's basically just used as a substitute for words meaning cool, class and ace.
thats proper mint that!

woahh man thats mint as!
by sophummz February 17, 2009
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Man, they spent a mint to get that car
by dencinias January 13, 2011
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An expression that, in terms of classifieds advertising, has lost all meaning.
Trying to sell my <item>, used only a few times... in mint condition!
by songj October 28, 2008
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1. Unexpectedly great; used as a response to new information
2. Very good; to describe
3. An exclaimation of happiness

Note: Pronounced "m-uh-nt". Say it quick . . . muhnt! Now drop the T sort of. Good job.
1. "Hey, I just bought a new car" "Really? That's Mint!"
2. "Holy christ, that girl's Mint!"
3. Just win the lottery? Shout "Mint!", then laugh maniacally.
4. This mint is 'Mint!'
by Gustof October 7, 2005
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