the act of performing anal after receiving a peppermint fattie
my girlfriend was giving me a peppermint fattie and i rolled her over and gave her a spearmint rhino
by the bear man February 9, 2011
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Classy, Elegant, Beautiful, Loving, Elite, Premier, Sign Thread.
“Man, I love to take pictures for the lads down at the Spearmint Pink Rhino
by rawrjay May 17, 2010
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When something is just magnificent! When everything goes your way.
I scored a peach of a goal when I was playing Preevo the other night, mmm mmm spearmint!
by RichCorb March 13, 2005
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The effect of initially distributing one piece of chewing gum to a single person thus attracting all others that are near whom will nag and gripe at you until you finally distribute your entire pack of gum to all the desperate gum beggars. This effect is unavoidable once a second person finds out about your charity piece of gum.

"Jim asked for a piece of gum, but I hesitated to think about the consequences. I gave him a piece completely forgetting the spearmint factor, and the next thing I knew, all my gum was gone!"
by go1ngcomando December 12, 2013
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When you put tooth paste on your dick and a girl sucks it off
Yo i gave my girl some spearmint last night
by Yo momma part 24 January 18, 2022
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When a girl named Anastasia eats a spearmint gum and gives oral.
“i juss got a spearmint fatty?”

“what was it like”
“i don’t know, but anastasia was good at it”
by Noneofyourbeeswaks December 7, 2021
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Johnny got a spearmint special from cathy. He was hooked instantly.
by Loveboi85 February 28, 2017
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