ableist slur, derogatory, offensive to disabled community, shortened from "spastic"
they're such a "spaz"
by beechh0 June 11, 2022
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To freak out most spazzes are named trevor they freakout and are overly cautious
Trevor spazes about getting on a small plane
by cheyenne01 June 29, 2015
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Teacher's terms.

A child with "Emotional and/or Behavioural difficulties" who is constantly aggressive, disruptive and beligerant in lessons.
"You can say George has special needs but he's basically a spaz"
by mr teacher February 21, 2006
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idiot; retarted. can be used when someone is acting stupid/weird.
i feel like a total spaz!!
by ladybugs_rock May 23, 2005
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When a women is just about to have an orgasm. She spazes and does some freaky shit.
Bitch what the fuck are you doin....
I'm having a spaz hunny..........
by The clit commander April 9, 2003
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Someone who spells the word tongue as "tounge" and yet still has the top definition of the defined word.
Yeah you're right, he must be the spaz.
by A mong August 26, 2010
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