a spaz is someone who freaks out when something wierd happens. they also laugh at anything and everything. People who are spazzes usually can be very good friends but you don't want one as your enemy... they crave revenge.
wow... she's such a spaz
by giggles 4703 April 6, 2009
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1)n. one who is suffering from a debilitating condition causing ridiculous behavior and wildly exaggerated attempts at communication.

2)v. to freak out or lose control of ones' self.

1) I always get anxious around Steph because she's such a fuckin' spaz, you never know what she'll do.

2)The last time I took some really nasty blotter it totally made me spaz.
by thaworldhaswarpedme June 19, 2007
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A term for a person who acts mentally retarded. Also may apply to people who may or may not have mental retardation and cannot control themselves or act normally.

Also can apply to people who are nervous, jumpy, hyper and needs to take medication to calm down. Uusally a spazz will blurt out unneccasary things to get attention.
People think im a spaz.
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Someone who runs around saying random words or phrases, or doing random things.
Karen is such a spaz.
by ixi August 22, 2003
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Someone who acts like an idiot or acts very annoying. Someone who reacts at the smallest of movements.

See the spaz test.
Ian: Matt you're such a spaz! *points at Matt*
Matt: *smacks away Ian's finger as a reflex* AAH! Don't poke me!
by Imaeetufacof April 22, 2007
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short for spastic - derogatory term attributed to a person who has trouble controlling his or her limbs, a clumsy bugger
I don't want to go jogging thanks, I'd rather not look like a spazzy baboon
by my May 12, 2003
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when you lose your brain and start acting hyper and crazy!
by Marissa January 16, 2004
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