a very edgy person who freaks out over insignificant things.
by jmv August 17, 2005
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to give birth to a pink flamboyant purse at a hockey game when a purple flamboyant hockey player jumps the boards and impregnates you
"whoa! i just gave birth to a pink flamboyant purse! looks like i pulled a spaz!"
by gellyfish April 21, 2005
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An irrationally nervous or jumpy person.
Dude, that Tweek from South Park is such a spaz.
by Pork King April 30, 2003
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from spasm, or spastic

1) One who has a proclivity for wild, random outburst of activity (to be a spaz).

2) An unusual display of random clumsiness (to throw a spaz)

3) An uncommon display of exceedingly random behaviour over a brief period of time (to spaz out).
1) He is a total and utter spaz.

2) He threw a spaz and dropped everything.

3) When he heard that his hamster had died he, like, totally spazed out.
by Galik May 30, 2010
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Someone who is hyperactive, or overly energetic
She can never sit still, she is a bit of a spaz
by urban myth September 25, 2003
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verb. to go insane, break, or otherwise act oddly.

to spaz, spazzing.
"ack! My computer is spazzing" -when your computer freaks out or crashes.

"My leg/arm/head/otherbodypart's spazzing" - which is when aforementioned body part twitches erratically.

"She's totally spazzing." - when somebody is going mad ^^
by li'l miss flibble March 3, 2004
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freaking out, twitching, temporary loss of control of mind and body
oh my god quit spazzing!
i'm having a spaz attack
by Mei Xian May 1, 2003
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