Chris is such a spaz if she thinks she has knowledge.
by d Bog March 5, 2004
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a male/female who had cereal too sugary and was acting wierd all day. usually unemployed.
OK honey, i have to go eat breakfast. (5 min. l8er) Man, these frosted flakes are... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I a SPAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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a spaz is some one who is mentaly retarded or something
the spaz is eating his shoulder again
by james saint October 1, 2006
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a demented person or speacial needs
that daniel is a right spaz
by billy bob May 14, 2003
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Playing music too slowly to appear strange
Nicky is such a spaz when she plays mp3's
by JB2 April 11, 2006
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When a girl gets asked out by a guy she likes, she goes crazy.
Jillian was spazzing out when she got asked out by Ryan.
by Poca Hontas March 21, 2004
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Yet another name for Vagina, also known as Spaz Hole. Comes from the idea that when the clitoris is stimulated the woman can sometimes move involuntary like a disabled person (spastic) would when they have a fit. This "spaz" motion is referred to in the name.
by thedigitalpunk July 17, 2006
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