22 definitions by Blaine

hey, sponge bob! where's my crabby patty?
by Blaine July 16, 2003
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Hey man, my blog is being gay!
I better defaggotize it.
by Blaine November 29, 2003
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v. The act of throwing something or SOMEONE out of a window.
on witnessing the disposal of a cigarette from the window of a moving car: "That was a heinous act of defenestration!"
by Blaine September 6, 2003
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a word used at the end of almost every sentence by anyone with a song in their heart. can also be used to express almost any feeling imaginable, so people can read your minds easily.
Fear- "Oh no! a hungry pack of flaming aligators!DERP!"
Surprise- "Ninja stars were just teleported into my intestines!DERP!"
Recovery from bad joke- "So he said 'what wife!'......a-DERP!" (rolling laughter)
by Blaine December 25, 2003
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1) General term for one who is stupid and lazy. Alternately, one who sits around honking his dick all day.
Slacking off again? Christ you are such a dong-honker!
by Blaine April 4, 2003
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A word used to express your anger towards another idiocy or ignorance.
you didnt know i was cuban? Pshaw!
by Blaine December 27, 2003
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When you impale someone's severed head on your erect cock, and spin it. This is also known as beetlejuicing.
Beetle Juice! Beetle Juice! BEETLE JUIIIIICE!
by Blaine April 4, 2003
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