You've probably come across such douchebags while going through various facebook pages. Out of nowhere comes an 'Add me' as if they are forever alone or something. These people don't have a fucking life and wouldn't stop such shit no matter what.
On some page..

Person 1 : That's fucking hilarious man!
Freak : Add me guys.
Person 2 : ^'Add-me freak' detected.
by awesomeasfuck January 06, 2014
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The desire of wanting to have sex after either not having it for a while or being rejected

Or a song by lil dicky
I don't give a damn, what your a planing, this is me coming at you like a man... Just let me freak
by Mr. Duck butt July 23, 2016
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when there's little chance of something happening, and you want everyone to know.
Person #1: Wish me freaking luck!
Person #2: What?
Person #1: I have a final in science that i have not studied for
by manwithanswers#2 June 09, 2021
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