Aston is a definition for someone who always knows best and is the strongest in the group also means the kind one and a ladies man
Aston is a good person
by Thatboss242 January 15, 2017
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One of the most nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Very handsome too. He will help you anyway as possible. He’s super cute too omg lol. He’s very mature too:)
Miley: Suzy Aston is so cute omg
Suzy:yeah and he’s nice he’s a keeper
by Ukeleleluvr March 15, 2019
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Sexy asf gets all the bitches and is rich and has 10 bitches in the bed
Oh yeah this is life
Aston is astonished
by Sickguy21 December 13, 2017
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an Aston is the most sexiest person u will meet and he has the biggest cock
Astons cock is so big my back is still sore-Addison Rae
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An area of birmingham with a diverse and multicultural community with shit loads of gangs, dealers, murders and anything else you can think of! home sweet home.
Just today in aston a kid got shot, enough said!
by Azaad kashmir May 26, 2007
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He, no like you. He also has a soothing voice, he can read you a story and you'll sleep within 5-10 minutes, not joking bro. He also bullies people.
Person 1: "Hey Aston"
Aston: "shoot it's her, run"
*Aston sprints away*
Person 1: "Hey Aston can you read me a bedtime story"
Aston: "No but sure"
Aston: "You suck at life, you're too depressed and you need to get your life together blah blah blah
Person 1: *fast asleep*
by urmumisgayx2 December 16, 2019
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