A small metal container,usually placed in rows on a field of grass.Usually full of working class alcoholics with nightmare children.
We are going on holiday to skegness in a caravan
by Rachel April 15, 2004
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That was caravan!, it was perfect - Edguy Lead Singer (The Headless Game Live)
by EggyStoner June 5, 2005
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A sexual act where the male stands and the female (or another male) sits behind on a skateboard, reaches up between the male's legs and gives him a handjob while he tows her around the room. The female is the "caravan".
I went caravanning around the living room with my girlfriend the other day.
by Dronevil September 3, 2007
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A small party carried out in a small place, for instance a caravan, in which a lot of alcohol will be consumed, and generally both inanimate objects and livers are broken. These usually happen on a fairly frequent basis once a venue is found, and continue until said venue is completely destroyed.
Man, I went caravaning last night and ended up in a pool of my own sick in my mates backyard, it was fucking crazy...
by Roflcopter38 February 12, 2008
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When a woman bends over, you run up behind her and thrust yourself in her.
She then, normally in alarm, tries to move away, where you then follow her as if you are and annoying object being towed.
I was Caravaning today as my wife bent over in front of me.
by Jondice April 3, 2009
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1) A small, reliable airplane manufactured by Cessna capable of takeoff and landing in very small areas. High load capacity. Popular with FedEx pilots and drug dealers. Can be equipped for both freight or luxury.

2) A large, unreliable minivan manufactured by Dodge capable of infecting every driveway in a white suburban neighborhood. High load capacity. Popular with soccermoms and drug dealers. Equipped for both freight and luxury.
1) "My Caravan has fifty cupholders."

2) "My Caravan has fifty cupholders."
by Asshole October 6, 2003
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