Baldness is when you have no hair and your head looks very much like an egg.
David- "Hey, that's an egg!"
Ron- "No, thats a guy who suffers from baldness!"
by Ordem July 1, 2015
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When your face is so good looking it is taking over the rest of your head.
You're bald.

I know. My face is so good looking it's taking over the rest of my head.
by allholy1 December 12, 2007
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Someone with no hair that likes the number 14
Badboyhalo is balled so people like Skeppy make fun of him by saying Baldboyhalo cause he has no hair
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The act of slowly losing hair from the head.
He is losing his hair, he is balding.
by 156298 July 15, 2014
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When someone is deciding to be disrespectful towards you.
“Yo, stop acting fucking bald!”
“That dude over there is bald as hell for what he did to you.”
“I don’t fuck with bald people.”
by Tyjah February 11, 2019
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West Coast Canadian slang for getting so high/stoned/baked off the good ‘ol marijuana/weed/chron/pot/giggle bush, that you feel as though you have suddenly lost all of your body hair, and are now so completely and utterly hairless, that you are able to transcend through the universe and feel complete, once again.
Whoa man, that weed we smoked last night got me so fucking bald!”
by Big Chiller Jim (J’cB) November 21, 2020
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