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Typically someone who is famous yet few can understand why. They are a perfect example of the "famous for being famous" paradox. Many of these people had a reason at one stage to be famous but memory of this has long since faded. In older days, the c-list was typically populated by people such as Jordan and Paris Hilton. Now with the reality television explosion, the list has grown.

C-list celebrities have difficult understand that they are really not that famous. This leads to amusing incidents where a c-list, on being told that they can't order the Pizza Hut buffet after 5pm will become angry and ask "Do you know who I am"?

A c-list doesn't need any kind of skills other than being a shameless self-publicist. Jade Goody is a good example. Although she quickly developed a reputation for being utterly thick during her stint on Big Brother, this did not stop her from carving out a career as a c-list.

Ultimately pointless. The modern day equivalent of the Roman idea of giving the people bread and circuses.
June: Have you seen the latest Hello magazine, Jordan is on the front page again. More revelations about that poor bastard of a kid she has.
Sarah: She's a c-list celebrity, she'll do anything to make sure her face is in the magazines, even if that means exploiting a child.
June: What exactly does Jordan do?
Sarah: No-one knows but she must be good at something. No-one can be this famous yet appear to have no useful abilities?
by thepreacher May 03, 2006

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A term used in gaming. Technically it describes a button you can press that will allow you to quickly beat your fellow players

It's generally used in two ways

1) When describing a very over-powered ablility within a game that allows certain players an unfair advantage. This is often down to user perception though. In many cases, the ability is not over-powered as long as you know how to counter it.

2) Used insultingly when a player complains that their character is underpowered. Typically they will make suggestions about how their character could be improved. If these requests are excessive, their fellow gamers will accuse them of wanting an I win button.
Sue: OMG, no way a rogue can beat a mage. Rogues should be able to use their vanish ability as often as they want without the timer.
Sam: So you want one of your most powerful abilities to be available non-stop instead of needing 5 minutes to cool-down. Basically you want an I win button?
by thepreacher April 20, 2006

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Without doubt, was a talented rapper but since his murder, has become the subject of fanatical worship.

Commonly described as 'the best rapper', 'the best musician', 'one of the greatest people of all time'. His most zealous followers will often become agitated when negative things are said about the subject of their addoration.

Surely it can't be long before a bonafide religion springs up. As with the cult of Elvis, he is rumoured to still be alive.
High priest: May da blessings of Tupac be upon you bitch.
Bitch: Thuglife nigga.

Steve: Tupac is the greatest man ever. He's a beautiful poet, he's an angel.
John: Steady on, he was just a decent rapper.
by thepreacher June 27, 2005

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Offensive term used to describe someon who is black but acts like he's white.

Based on the chocolate bar of the same name that has dark chocolate on the outside and white coconut inside.

Opposite of wigger
Damn, Carlton from Fresh Prince is a bounty.
by thepreacher June 24, 2005

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This is based on the Biblical New Testament story where Thomas, one of the apostles of Christ, refused to believe that Jesus had risen from the grave without seeing evidence. On seeing this evidence, he praised those who believed without proof.

Typically this phrase is used in a midly derogatory. It describes someone who refuse to simply believe in something out of pure faith without asking for evidence. A devout Christian might consider me to be a doubting thomas because I don't believe there is a God since there's no evidence. The Christian considers it a bad thing that I'm not simply willing to have some faith.
Fanatic: How can you not believe in God? You don't want to be a doubting thomas?
Athiest: Normal people don't consider it a bad thing when others ask for proof when they make extraordinary claims. If I said that I am Zrlak, King of Mars, I would have little respect for you if you believed me without asking for evidence yet you expect me to just believe your equally ridiculous claims?
by thepreacher November 18, 2005

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A British tabloid newspaper published on Sundays by News Corp. It's a sister paper to The Sun.

The News of The World concentrates on the important news. C-list celebrities, football, horoscopes, sex scandals and soft-porn. The News of The World has published a lot of kiss and tell stories. Normally these stories are told in lurid detail and illustrated with photos of the woman concerned in her underwear. The News of The World has a gift for showing women in their underwear. They could print an article about Nixon opening relations with China and still somehow find a way to work such a photo in to the story.

The newspaper itself is very right-wing and has been criticised in the past for enouraging mob justice (as has it's sister paper The Sun). Their decision to print the names and photos of convicted paedophiles brought condemnation since it was pretty obvious what was going to happen once these lists were published. Lynch mobs formed and people who had served their sentences and been released were harassed despite the fact that stastics have shown that sex-offenders typically have a far lower rate of recivisdism than most other serious crimes.

All in all, a low-grade gossip rag with a thinly veiled populist right-wing agenda.
John: I want something that's written in the style of a children's book while being a mix of Mein Kampf and Razzle.
Paul: Ah, the News of The World. That'll be 50 pence.
Stavros: How much change do I get from a pound?
by thepreacher April 20, 2006

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A term used in txt/text language.

ure is a shortening of the word "you're" as in "You're murdering my language sir".

It's often used interchangeably with the term ur. Technically though there is a difference between the two. ur is a shortening of "your", as in "I see your dictionary is still in the shrink-wrap sir".
PsychoSlayer44: omg m8!!! ure havin ure steak wit teh white wine!!1! URE TEH WINE NOOB!! WTF?!?
DaBombdaH00d:UR DA NUB. ur having red wine with teh garden salad. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. OMFG M8!1!
<Literacy has left the restaurant>
by Thepreacher July 31, 2006

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