A newly popular and universally applicable expletive for expressing one's outrage at the injudicious or uncivil behavior of one's peers
Ben: "I just rubbed mango skin all over Hope's face and gave her a rash!

Jake: "No regard! The contact dermatitis from allergens in mango peel is rather unpleasant!"
by wxyzach June 30, 2011
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Another way to say the R word and avoid censorship
The regarded invested all his money in dodgecoin after dodge Karen's tweet
by holy prepuce November 22, 2022
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Modern translation of the word "retard" to bypass forum censor moderations. Popularized initially on Wallstreetbets subreddit.
"The regard invested his college fund into BBBY"
by GobboMcFalls September 3, 2022
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bruh you misspelled retarded, how could you (if i we're you, i would disable auto correct)
you are regarded
by lokeydev April 2, 2020
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Used at the end of an email when you wish to tell the person "fuck you" in a passive aggressive manner.


Fuck You:

by ccasper July 6, 2010
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