Antoine yelled for more food until the turnkey walked up to his cell and told him to shut up.
by PMax March 15, 2008
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A complete end to end solution requiring no additional effort.
The computer came with a tunrkey installation.
by FyrFytr October 13, 2003
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An overused, overstated word that web designers use to emphasize services.
Complete turnkey solutions for your business!
by ekeyte January 14, 2007
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Work left to a competent source to complete, ready to go when needed.
It's a turnkey operation.
by indepman October 12, 2003
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What you have to do once you place the key in the locked door knobe!
" TrunKey Now Beoitch"
by Cassie Montgomery October 1, 2003
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turn·key jerk
/ˈtərnˌkē/ /jərk/


A person who is just automatically a jerk. Simply turn the key, and you get a jerk. No muss. No fuss. The kind of person you can easily find at George Costanza's "Jerk Store". If the Jerk Store calls, they are probably looking for you - the Turnkey Jerk.
Person 1: "I think Cathy is a real Turnkey Jerk..."
Person 2: "Yea, maybe, but that dude Ryan is even more of a Turnkey Jerk-Face"
by LokiTricks222 August 4, 2017
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All set up ready to go... originally used regarding computer software - locked and loaded, just needs the turnkey to operate....

In other words - another friggin' meaningless buzz word seconded to every two bit copywriter in need of a sales point when they don't know what their software, company or boss actually does
We offer turnkey solutions to all your business needs
by The Fast Rita October 10, 2007
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