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Less geekier than the computer science major but it is still very underrated. Usually the ones getting an information technology major are anime-MySpace addicting scene kids and wiggers and older guys that want to get a decent job because they got laid off and can't find a job at Wal Mart to feed their 6 kids. They are usually not part of the popular crowd since they spend their lives in front of their computer or video game console.

You do have your classic geeks in an IT Major too but they all seem to congregate to the computer science. But when you get done, you usually wind up as one of these guys working at Best Buy or Wal Mart, selling computers or helping them use Paint or something like that, but they make a pretty good wad, at least $20 per hour.
Information technology may be a little misfitty, but it gets good pay and the class is fun, what the heck
by Kyle 230 August 02, 2009
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