Adjective used to describe less heavy rock music. Although rock music is generally loud, with a lot of bass and not really "soft", so often confusing as an arguable oxymoron.
I'm listening to some Mamas and the Papas which I guess you could say is "soft rock."
by brendan July 1, 2004
(n) In geology lingo, soft rock is sedimentary rock.
Willie is a soft rock geologist; he only digs shale and stuff.
by heptune June 14, 2006
A comfortable music genre, Soft Rock music can make you feel good.
I like Soft Rock music.
by JulieFayePrice November 3, 2020
What looks just like a “Real” rock, but when you step on said “Rock” to take a phenomenal picture with your friends, it squish’s down, very unlike a rock, and gets all over your brand new shoes!!!
by OmniJohnson April 28, 2019
Abbreviated SRP. Someone who likes super, super lame music. Usually defends shitty and boring bands like Oasis or Coldplay. These people seem to have an aversion to music with balls.
Oh, no, the only reason Wally didn't like the kick-ass new Tesco Vee single is because he's a Soft Rock Pussy. There's nothing you can do with SRP's but give them some Bread albums and put them out of their misery.
by FlexFlexerson October 24, 2008
Usually a group of soft cocks who play together in a band. The sound usually epitomizes the oversensitive, caring and downright girly nature of modern music. so sick of these soft cock rock bands, play some real music you fucking girls
by aidan tomas February 15, 2008
a penis that has experienced so much shrinkage due to cold or other emotional factors that it actually becomes somewhat rigid even in its fully flacid state.
I was jogging in the cold weather thinking about my dead grandfather's corpse and my penis became rock soft.
by Keith Smoothies July 30, 2011