While I was making a sandcastle, I saw a giant shale in the ocean
by Mark Hamill April 28, 2006
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a word that originated in oxnard,by a guy named charlie,is widely used to greet,cuss,and just for fun
shale muh fuggin ham
by shale master February 22, 2005
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Teh 1337 fat guy...............
your so fat shale...............
by shale May 10, 2005
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adjective Shuh-lee || Sha-lee ||

1. Referring to the best.
Better than all others in quality or value.
Most skillful, talented, or successful.
Most appropriate, useful, or helpful.

2. The most amazing thing in the world.
Causing feelings of fear and wonder : causing feelings of awe and extreme pleasure.
"She's shalee. "
"I'm shalee"
"Of course she won, she's shalee!"
"The show was great, I'd even say it was shalee."
"The sky around here is shalee at night."
"Theres nothing better then this! This is shalee!"
by Blondie57 December 18, 2013
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Damn that girl is hot but she isn't even close to shalee
by Shaleeanne March 19, 2017
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Girl 1 : Whats the name of the rock stuff on the track??
Girl 2 : Ummm.... Track gravel... sand turf??
Girl 3 : Wow you guys. It's called shale.
by Brapppppppppp March 28, 2010
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