1. An attractive woman
2. Another form of “ma” or “mami
by PBoyFlizzy April 4, 2018
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the word your man calls you after a good day. the word the love of your life uses.
Come here Mamas.

Damn Mamas, you crazy.
by that one hoe_13 November 24, 2019
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A term a guy uses when he likes you or is interested and is trying to flirt
You look cute today mamas

Aw thanks mamas
by Aye.jacq December 26, 2016
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Mamas is what every girl wants to be called by her boyfriend
Boyfriend: how was your day mamas
Girlfriend: 🥰
by herbal monster October 18, 2019
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an incredibly hot name to be called. it takes place of babe or baby. you call a girl mamas when they are your one. your mamas is hot and adorable and your little goof ball. much love for your mamas
"I love you mamas"

"I love you to babe"
by lmao:):) July 23, 2017
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Putting it down. Promising.
"I'm gonna make 100 bucks today...I put that on mamas"
by KoomLauDee January 8, 2008
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Term of endearment for a young woman. Used in replace of hunny, sweetie, babe, baby and so on.
by MsLadieT January 22, 2010
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