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1. An attractive woman
2. Another form of “ma” or “mami
Me in the DMs: Hey mamas, what’s the word?
by PBoyFlizzy April 04, 2018
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an incredibly hot name to be called. it takes place of babe or baby. you call a girl mamas when they are your one. your mamas is hot and adorable and your little goof ball. much love for your mamas
"I love you mamas"

"I love you to babe"
by lmao:):) July 23, 2017
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A term a guy uses when he likes you or is interested and is trying to flirt
You look cute today mamas

Aw thanks mamas
by Aye.jacq December 25, 2016
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Term of endearment for a young woman. Used in replace of hunny, sweetie, babe, baby and so on.
by MsLadieT January 21, 2010
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A women who loves you with all their heart, but still shouts at you. She takes care of you and makes sure you get good grades. She hopes you become rich one day, so you can give her all your money.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’m so lucky

To have a mama like you
Mama: Why’d you get an A instead of an A+.
Me: Sorry.....
Me: *Breathes*
Mama: Watch your tone! Where did you learn that from?! Your friends?!!
by Cheetos_017 March 12, 2019
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