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An idea created by American society trying to make people believe anyone could be anything. Strange how all the US presidents have been in the upper 1% of society (in class-financial terms).
by brendan September 19, 2003
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A hairy ass mother fucker that needs to shave everyday and also needs to learn how to fight by himself. They tend to group up and beat the shit out of other people and never stick to their own buisness. Also tend to think they own everything
That stupid camel needs to shave her back!
by brendan February 27, 2004
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A guy that earns an average 411 times more than his average blue-collar employee.
by brendan July 12, 2004
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A walking track around a grassland area. Used by people walking their dogs, cyclists, runners and doped up dirt bikers.
''Want tae go round the Red Ash?''
by brendan April 07, 2003
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A verse that flows.
''dat sure woz a tight rhyme, boy he can flow''
e.g ''there's a million of us just like me/ who cuss like me/ who just don't give a fuck like me/ who dress like me, walk talk n act like me/ n just might be the next best thing/ but not quite me'' - shady
by brendan April 07, 2003
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