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A fault in a computer system or any physical entity including humanoids.
I have been pwnz0red by a bug and am not well.
by brendan June 22, 2004
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1. Something that has a moderate level of risk.
2. Something that is not quite morally right to be doing.
1. ''Jumping that gap's gonna be a bit dodgy, eh?''
2. ''Dinnae say that about her man, that's well dodgy''
by brendan April 5, 2003
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taking of shortcuts
he wanted to become famous as fast as he could and by getting to know Brad Pitt he was able to cut corners in the process of going from zero to action hero
by brendan May 28, 2004
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hug ache is when you hug someone so much your arms and back begin to ache
hey this hug ache is killing me, but i just cant stop hugging you, its so great
by brendan December 19, 2004
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A sweet and funny woman from NewYork City who is a elite haxer on NeoVortex's server.
* Mari kicked Brendan out of the channel (PONG!)
by brendan March 14, 2004
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''Watch yer heed oan that hing''
by brendan April 7, 2003
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