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A man who is handsome and talented. He is the rock of the family and will do anything for them. He will also treat a woman like she is a queen.He is a man of his word and he won't back down from anything.He can also make your smile even when you are down.
by Mr.Random dude October 27, 2015
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Willie is a sweet and loving guy who smells of pine trees and is your whole world. Dont let him go or you will always regret it. He is sweet but pokes you with pencils in a loving way. He is the most amazing guy so don't let him go without a fight.
Me : "I love Willie he is so sweet"
Friend:" I will help you impress him"
by Jcovo12 January 23, 2016
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Willie is smart, charming, and sweet. He will do almost anything to make you happy. He smells of pine trees and has an unexplainable smile. When he likes you he pokes you with his pencil and leans up against you. He is the sweetest guy you will ever meet so you can't let him go once You have him.
Willie is very sweet.
by Jcovo12 March 04, 2016
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Dope; off the chain; tight as fuck; the shit.
" Man u know yo ass is Willie when they got u in the Jag wit like half a milly..." -Sean Carter aka Jay Z aka Yung Hova aka Jigga aka El Presidente
by Tayshaun Garnett July 26, 2006
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willie is used to refer to penis. men call their penis willies in a lovely way!
in a condom commercial, Elton John says "wear a condom on your willie!"
by Williams Le April 03, 2006
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A man with large testicals. He is so hot that all the girls wish they could be his
Girl1 who is that
Girl 2 look his crotch buldge that must be willie
by Captain big ballz August 01, 2018
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