a completely mismatched couple where either the guy or girl is 2 points or more better looking than the other on a 10 point scale
Did you see that ugly ass dude with that Megan Fox look-a-like? That's the biggest social injustice I've ever seen.
by The Mort August 17, 2009
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A SIW is the Polar Opposite of a Social Justice Warrior or SJW
Person:"Happy holidays"
Social Injustice Warrior:"How dare you say happy holidays to me, im christian, say Merry Christmas"
by SeraphYuu December 03, 2016
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Usually abbreviated as 'SIW', a Social Injustice Warrior is someone who holds a paoint of hypocrisy where they declare freedom of speech to be a bigot, but act like victims whne people criticise them.
Guy 1: Did you hear what Donald Trump did?

Guy 2: No what?

Guy 1: He sued Bill Maher over a satire piece

Guy 2: What?

Guy 3: Man, Trump is such a triggered Social Injustice Warrior
by Nacrætus December 23, 2016
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The kind of person who screams meaningless buzzwords like "SJW" or "snowflake" because they lack the skills to form an independent opinion of their own. Basically, these people are scumbags who will fight any attempts to make society a more just place. Hell, they outright admit it by using SJW as an insult.
Jack: "Can you believe these snowflakes that want to tell me I can't say n***er?"

Stacy: "I mean, that's pretty much the absolute worst word you can say. Have a little respect for other people, it won't kill you..."


Stacy: "'Beta male'? I'm a chick. You have some serious insecurities, dude. And did you piss your pants? Typical Social Injustice Warrior..."
by Cosmicdustjunkie June 08, 2017
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Somebody who strongly supports and fiercely fights for social injustice.
Most Muslim-majority countries are full of social injustice warriors who support the death penalty for homosexual activity, and believe that women should not be in public without a male guardian.
by 24-cell August 23, 2019
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1.) Another term for "SJWs" that emphasizes that "SJWs" aren't for justice but injustice. They focus only on the problems of some members of some racial/gender groups but exaggerate the problems and treat other racial/gender groups like a shit(and an enemy) and disregard the problems some members of those groups face.
Did you see that social injustice warrior and how they disregarded the fact that some white people are victims of racism and even called that racism "not racism"?
by k17c July 15, 2017
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A social justice warrior of one party calls the social justice warrior of the other party this to claim that they are not really social justice warriors.
the democratic party social justice warrior calls a republican party social justice warrior a social injustice warrior because the republican party social justice warrior says merry christmas instead of happy holidays.
by zodm March 08, 2019
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