Someone who has the potential to be a cool online game player, but they struggle to meet the coolness requirements
Polar tried to be cool, but she was compared to Goaticus’ awesomeness and couldn’t make the cut.
by Goaticus. October 30, 2018
Popular slang/Internet word meaning 'pretty'.

See also: 'peng'; 'beaut'.
by PolarBear12245678910 February 4, 2017
she will be one of a kind, just as unique as the name, loving,smart,ambitious and beautiful inside and out..
Have you met polar
by Lijhdcvhhg March 14, 2017
"dude I think this guy is hacking".
"Nah, that's just polar"
by PolarV_ July 12, 2021
To be stone cold about a certain issue, just plain mean.
"she was so polar to him."
"why was he so polar back there?"
by itsmebitches... August 8, 2009
The coolest person alive. They are extremely pretty and nice to everyone.
"Omg I'm so in love with Polar." - hot guy
"Same dude, same." - hot girl
by BearsPolarr February 26, 2022
'help me polarize, help me polarize, help me out' - tyler joseph
by tylersbeautyworld March 23, 2017