In basketball, when a shorter player has to guard a taller opponent, and vice versa. Making it easier for a shorter guard to shake off his taller and slower opponent, and the taller player having a much greater advantage in the post. Occurs most commonly during pick & rolls.
Why is 6'5 Nick guarding 5'9 Shayden? Incredibly mismatched!
by Eyyyitsnick February 23, 2016
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this is when a you see a hot woman with some dude, that is either unnatractive or an obvious stiff
holy shit, bro, did you just see that mismatch
by Dave S March 19, 2004
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Summmmm Goood Pawsyyy :)
Gina has on mismatch socks I know her pawsy good .

Teresa had on some booty shorts & mismatch socks I know she has a good shot
by DickNamedDavid83__ December 13, 2019
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something or someone; Meant to be with a certain person or object aside of the differences and imperfections.
We loved each other, despite how far away we were and how different we saw life, we were perfectly mismatched...
by Cheeze_itz January 23, 2021
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The impossible act of reaching into the ass of a male human and grabbing his penis and testicles and pulling them back out through his asshole, usually pulling out some of his intestine with it (similar to a pink sock). Thus the victim has his penis and testicles which are the same color of his skin tone hanging out of his ass along with a section of pinkish intestines.

Giving someone “mismatched socks” is impossible because one would have to rupture the intestine and break through the pelvis bone to grab the penis and testicles and pull them back out through the asshole. Also, if one grabs the penis and testicles from inside the body and pulls them out through the asshole the penis and testicles are inside out and are of a similar color of the intestines. Thus, the socks are not mismatched at all!
Mike annoyed Julie so she threatened to pull his penis and testicles out of his asshole, giving him mismatched socks! Ouch!
by xoxo__mismatched.socks November 17, 2008
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The impossible act of reaching into the ass of a male human and pull his penis and testicles out through his asshole.
Michael irritated Dylan so Dylan gave Michael a mismatched sock. Ouch!
by xX.mismatched.sock.Xx November 15, 2008
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A woman paired up with a man (or visa versa) that is clearly more attractive than her counterpart. These mismatched pairs typically do not last very long given the obvious disparity in attractiveness.
Sheila was much more fuckable than her husband, and all her male friends noticed--a typical case of Mismatch of Ass (MOA)!
by once MOA May 26, 2009
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