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Strong independent women. Above the level of petty boy drama. Never chasing after the guy, you make them come to you. Basically, a SIW never waits around. If someone doesn't come to her, she finds another boy toy.
Well she is a SIW and found some different meat instead.
by SEWYah February 20, 2011
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Self-Inflicted Wedgie.
Occurs when sitting on a couch or bed and you slide forward, but your underwear remains in the same place.
"Help! I need immediate testicular medical attention for an SIW!"
by derf26 June 09, 2015
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A body builder type with potential.

His cock is so huge that his women needs to be operated so his dick can get through.

- He usaully lives in near Ballerup (Denmark) but has also been seen in Hobro and Vejle (Denmark).

His tits is so big that he looks like a woman which is why he uses a BH.

Nice dick. Nice Cock
booty, cock, dick, siw
by siwiiii April 04, 2011
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