as if your life depended on it....
with every bit of strength within you...
to the very end....
deeply from the heart....
throwing it all on the line.....
"I loved him fiercely until my last breath....."
by genuinetears August 29, 2017
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the combination of a positive mental spirit, bold words and unapologetic actions used collectively.
by PosR November 10, 2011
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A term that gay men used in the late 1990s and early 2000s to describe absolutely everything that was of "exceptional quality".
How was that circuit party?
Oh my god, it was fierce.
by Ayi Delisi March 22, 2004
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being bold, displaying chutzpah, especially relating to fashion, clothes, hair or makeup.
Girl, work those heels! fierce!
by kitten January 18, 2004
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guy 1: dude, but she had piercings in all her pics...
guy 2: nawhh, her parent's are so strict she just uses fiercings for her pics to look bad ass.
by Skrina October 5, 2008
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Girl who is on fire and posseses too much swag for the common man or woman to handle: Ineui Yang
She can hit all the notes to Beyonce's Love On Top? Oh she's fierce.
by Preach It Sista April 23, 2013
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a term used in fashion for cool, sexy, awesome, or any other positive remark about something. it is most famously used by christian sirianos, project runway winner, and tyra banks.
Damn that dress is so fierce! I love it!

Look at that model and her feirce little strut!
by Beckley March 20, 2009
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