A certain beauty that's going to be gone if we keep polluting our earth.
Kid: "Hey grandpa, can you tell me that story about snow again?"
Grandpa: "Once upon a time, there was a thing that fell from the sky. It was white, soft, and beautiful. Running through it was like jumping on clouds. Then, one day, humans did a terrible thing. They created automobiles. These machines emitted terrible gases that made snow stop falling!"
Kid: "But grandpa, why did they decide to make automobiles then?"
Grandpa: "Good question, son. It's because back in 2008, people were ignorant and stupid."
by audrey<3 January 27, 2008
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frozen ice that was once rain that falls from the sky when it is cold enough
It snowed on Christmas, and what a happy time it was!
by Santa December 27, 2002
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snow is cumcaine
We all jacked off and snorted snow!
by USAF Cadet July 28, 2021
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soft, fluffy ice that falls from the sky in the winter. ah, the sheer bliss...
gameshow host: whats hard and hurts when you hit it?
shuichi: snow!
*buzzer gos off for wrong answer*
by yaoi_fangirl April 24, 2005
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a finely crushed and powdered form of the prescription drug oxycodon or oxyxotin that is snorted up the nose. so named because of the white powdery apperence and phyisical resemblence to cocaine which is also refered to as snow.
we did three lines of snow and had no clue where we were.
by dominizzle December 2, 2007
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another word for the overused slang word "cool"
dude, that party last night was so snow.

Its snow with me if he comes too.
by JP January 9, 2005
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1. A white flaky substance (not to be confused with cocaine, sand, or dandruff) made of frozen water. Only found in sub-zero climates.

2. The stuff that is awesome.

3. The thing that skiers and slowboarders live for, possible to carve, shred, bus'a'sick'air, or float on
1. What is that? It is snow.
2. SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
3. Dude, fresh snow, lets go shred!!!
by Zack726 December 9, 2005
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