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commonly mispelled as skieer, skiir, skiieer, or idiot, a skier is someone who has no fear. A true skier (there are many imposters) can "ride" a whole mountain. THey are able to pull insane tricks, like double-backflip-900-helicopter-indy grab to switch-triple-frontflip-360- nose grab. They can also ski in light snow called "powder" while defying the laws of gravity by not sinking in. A true skier is a great athlete, and can generally do loops around a snowboarder in any part of a mountain.
a. True Skier - Bode Miller, Glen Plake (see Mohawk)
b. Wannabe/Poser/Lame Skier - One who "pizzas" and generally either gets in your way, slows you down, or runs into you.
WARNING - avoid type b at all costs and if possible, run into them
by Zack726 December 08, 2005

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An entity, usually human, who straps a semi-oval board to their foot and procedes to either
a. SHRED IT UP!!! Pulls sick tricks like triple backflip to 7000 degree turn while grabbing their board in five different places!!!!
b. slide to the middle of a good run, sit down, ruin the run and never leave. (Perhaps waiting for hell to freeze over?)
a. Shaun White - Many time slopestyle champion
b. People that call themselves snowboarders but in reality need to be run over, hit, called bad names, cursed at, and generally hurt
by Zack726 December 08, 2005

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Often misspelled as SNOWBOARDER, a person who straps themself to one board (while everyone knows two are better) and procedes to slide down a snow covered slope on it. Slowboarders abide by Murphy's law as seen when you, who know what you are doing, are going down a mountain, and they materialize in front of you, causing a crash of you, him/her/it, or both.
Also like to sit down in the middle of a good run, obstructing and ruining it.
Commonly confused with picnickers, idiots, morons, wanksters, retards, or fags
DAMMIT! That slowboarder ruined my run again by getting in my way and now my lift ticket is suspended.
by Zack726 December 08, 2005

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1. A white flaky substance (not to be confused with cocaine, sand, or dandruff) made of frozen water. Only found in sub-zero climates.

2. The stuff that is awesome.

3. The thing that skiers and slowboarders live for, possible to carve, shred, bus'a'sick'air, or float on
1. What is that? It is snow.
2. SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
3. Dude, fresh snow, lets go shred!!!
by Zack726 December 08, 2005

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A man (i think) in an overrated and overplayed band called green day. He is also a anorexic-looking person who wears too much makeup, and men who wear makeup are generally homosexual, just like billie

Commonly confused with the boogie man
Hey dude, watch out, Billie Joe is coming to molest you
by Zack726 December 08, 2005

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A disgusting practice that you DO NOT want to know about
do NOT ever get chunneled
by Zack726 December 08, 2005

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