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the yaoi pairing of itachi and sasuke in the anime naruto. itachi and sasuke are brothers.
the pairing itasasu is so effing hawt...
by yaoi_fangirl May 29, 2005
the strongest of the human emotions, but often confused with lust. love is when you think of someone all the time, but lust is just when you want to have sex with someone because they look good. love is one of the best feeling emotions, until the one you love breaks your heart. then it hurts like hell.love is beautiful when mutual. love can be enjoyed by anyone, by any gender, whether it be 2 men, a man and a woman, or 2 women. love is never wrong, no matter who your in love with. you cant help who you fall in love with.
love is like a war: easy to start, but very hard to end.
by yaoi_fangirl May 29, 2005
graphic sex either in a book, fanfiction, fanart, ect
mmm... i like yummy yaoi smut...
by yaoi_fangirl May 29, 2005
one of the funniest shows on cable. was canceled on fox because it made no money there, but now makes tons of money on adult swim.
by yaoi_fangirl June 10, 2005
hot boy from gundam wing. very, very sexy! in yaoi fandom, usually paired with heero.
i just read a really good duo/heero fanfiction!
by yaoi_fangirl April 17, 2005
wat ciara (not singer) is. she is a guy who looks like a girl.
dude:omg! did u hear that ciara is a transvister?!
me:uh, yea. everybody has known that since she 1st came to school.
by yaoi_fangirl April 25, 2005
gundam wing yaoi/shounen-ai fanwork term. it means HeeroxDuo.
3.quatre(i think)
4.trowa(i think)
by yaoi_fangirl April 17, 2005