Any event or person in your life that only takes a simple thought and puts a huge smile on your face....That my friend is Happytimes!
"Hey remember those nights in Carbondale"...smile ;)
"Oh Yeah...Happytimes. Fun...Happytimes!"
P.S. ~ Thanks Steiner!!! xoxo Muah!
by Jakara QN August 05, 2007
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A time in a man's day when he becomes sexually horny and begins to masturbate
"hey man, whats up"

"hey dude, yo I brought over some playboy. and man is page 17 HH-OT!!!"

"oh shit man, its happy-time"
by kingyugi2000 August 14, 2009
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Term for a college guy. Who is a pimp and always right over shane tattersall. And not a sket, nothing happened
Happy time says 'its all a conspiracy'
by Happy Tym January 26, 2009
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