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someone who gave birth to you.
"Luke...(breath) I am your mom."
by Santa November 26, 2002

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spam stands for
"I spamed the perverts the other day, and now they're really pissed off!"
by Santa November 13, 2002

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The things that hurt when you kick them.
"Ow, youjust kicked my genitals, and now they really really hurt!" "My genitals itch!"
by Santa November 11, 2002

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a chip to dip in salsa or melted cheese. goes well with a soda :)
"They brought a big bag of nachos, and it was tasty."
by Santa December 27, 2002

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A brother, or close firend
Mat is my bro
by Santa July 01, 2003

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k thanks bye
"nobody loves you, so why don't you just die, kthxbai"
by Santa April 13, 2003

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The frothy by product of anal sex. Also see santorum.
Drool Boy's penis was covered in smileynev after a night of wild lovemaking to Desslock.
by santa December 23, 2003

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