25 definitions by Santa

1. A crazy asain
2. A not so popular snack made from combining rasians and cranberries.
3. A person made by combining Asians and cranberries.
4. Wu.
5. Chen.
6. Tentacle Rape.
7. I enjoy cake.
Wu sure is a crasian!

Whoa! That sex was craisian!

I've made the perfect new human. I call it...Crasian! A cranberry flavored Asian!

Cake is good.
by Santa November 20, 2003
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A creapy guy in a buny suit who has a fetish for chickens
by Santa May 3, 2004
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eBaum, or God as he is sometimes known. Is the creator of www.ebaumsworld.com
Also the creator of the Ebaumsworld forums. The best forums on the whole of the internet.
eBaums is great isnt he.
by Santa April 11, 2005
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Person 1:owtf, you did not get get pwnt.
Person 2: Yep, I got PWNTZ.
Person 1: Go pwn yourself, n00ber.
by Santa October 14, 2004
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Some really cool dude who poons bitties and ecca in pool, but they wont admit it.
You can find him at www.blizzhackers.com and Israel (and no that isn't a forum you fucking idiots)
Aidenswarrior: anyone here as cool as NinjaTaiken?
Rambo goes Meow: Lets play pool!
NinjaTaiken: SANTA IS A NOOB
Bitties: pwnz0r plz at pool now?
EJO9876: I have a confession! I cheat at dominoes.
by Santa February 7, 2005
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