Fresh, soft snow on a ski slope. Used to describe snow conditions.
Hows the snow up in Vail?

Great, very powdery
by cjgothgirls January 1, 2010
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An adjective used to describe something clean, or new. Fresh.
"Damn, them kicks is powdery."

"She's straight powdery."

by Marcus Gold October 12, 2006
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those reeally juicy oranges you see on tiktok/douyin with a white powder all over them. they're a chinese hybrid between an orange and a tangerine, and although the juice coming out of them looks delectable, they're said to have a very sour taste. would i still kill for that orange? hell yeah.
a: have you seen those powdery oranges on TikTok?
b: yeah. they're so juicy, i'm going to move to china to try one.
by maaayuh June 25, 2022
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1)The weather said we're supposed to get powdery sticky rain showers next Thursday.

2) I call snow "powdery sticky rain" in the off-season because in my mind, snow only falls in the wintertime. In the other seasons, it's not supposed to be here, so I call it that.
by Karen Stickney March 31, 2007
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misty rain, rain with very fine rain drops
It's raining a powdery rain today.
by fifil February 3, 2022
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