particles of sawdust that end up on the rafters in the industrial arts building
Teacher: nice going bob, you got it snowing in here again
by DMJeff24 January 27, 2007
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That white cracker rapper from the early 90's w/ hit "informer"
by Anonymous April 8, 2003
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nuthin but that fine ol' crack cocaine
hey yesterday i got myself some snow from the dealer
by skeet skeet nigga June 23, 2005
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Snow is a racist term used to describe white people in general, mainly because their skin tone is white as an snow.
Damn, look at that snow whitey, he's white as a snow.
by PeterRDGriffin84 September 28, 2009
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what you like to take a whiz on
i had to piss out a storm, so now the snow is yellow
by loco asshole February 26, 2005
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V. to shed excess amounts of dandruff on another person
Mary was disgusted when John came over and snowed on her shoulder.
by Matty T December 5, 2005
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