when a gentleman finishes inside a young lady's (or another gentleman for that matter) mouth and she kisses him...and expels the gentleman's ejaculation into his mouth.

'she give good dome?'

'awesome. except for the snow job. i had to kill her.'
by john April 13, 2005
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A common excuse used almost exclusively by the female gender to prevent from having to perform oral sex on their male partner by convincing said partner that his penis is too immense to comfortably fit in her mouth during oral sex, resulting in nearly as much pleasure to the recipient as an actual orgasm due to massive inflation of their ego.
1. Hey man, did that chick you are dating finally start sucking your cock. Oh, she tried but my dick is way too big!

2. (Girl 1) I really like this new guy that I'm dating but he keeps trying to get me to suck his dick. (Girl 2) All you have to do is tell him that his dick is to big. Trust me he'll love it. I'm a snow job master!
by Reasor, Walkers, et al. September 06, 2016
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The 2001 tuck rule shenanigans that overturned a Tom Brady fumble and allowed the Patriots to force the game to overtime, and eventually win.

The Raiders should have gone to the superbowl that year.
The snow job was the most gut wrenching officiating decision in playoff history.
by hiddenattacker September 22, 2010
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Misinformation and outright lies meant to confuse and deceive uttered by a political propagandist disguised as a white house press secretary or other pseuo-journalist such as a Fox Network sponsored pundit.Anything that Tony Snow says can be considered a 'Snow Job'.
"Did you hear the latest 'Snow Job'on Fox News?"I don't know how that man(Tony Snow) can read what Karl Rove has written for him without cracking up"
by Ed Doran October 01, 2006
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When a female gives a male a blowjob, but seconds before commencing, she puts snow/ ice cubes in her mouth. This feels weird for both participants, since the freezing sensation can cause temporary numbness in curtain spots. Enjoy.
That snowjob last night almost made my dick freeze off man.
by Yotam F October 12, 2007
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An often failed attempt at placing positive spin upon unpopular actions performed by the Bush administration. The official "Snow Jobs" will be delivered by Tony Snow of FOX news now that he has accepted the appointment of Press Secretary for the Bush Administration.
"Did you hear the lastest Snow Job about Iran's nuclear intentions?"
by David Durall' April 28, 2006
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When a someone puts his or her hand in the snow until it becomes numb, then proceeds to masterbate.
I gave myself a snowjob for Christmas
by batmandan41 June 04, 2010
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